Seven Vacation Rental Marketing Tips That Can Boost Your Bookings

Seven quick tips to optimize your marketing efforts and boost your bookings.

Seven quick tips to optimize your marketing efforts and boost your bookings.

Every vacation rental manager could use a boost to their bookings, right? If you’re searching for a few more ways to optimize your marketing efforts, check out the list below.

1. Track and Test – By far, the most important thing you can do as a marketer is track your results and test different approaches. Marketing is an art, but, done right, it’s more of a science. At the very least, you should be running Google Analytics on your website and regularly testing results against your marketing efforts. It’s hard to improve your marketing if you don’t know what is working and what is failing. Check out these resources for more help:

2. Find a Niche – It’s all about picking your battles. As an amateur boxer you wouldn’t go up against the heavy weight world champ in your first match, right? You always want to put yourself in a position to win, and that’s what niche marketing does. Whether it’s focusing your SEO efforts on long-tail terms or positing your business within a specific segment of your market, you’ll define your own playing field and work to be the big fish in a small pond rather than just another fish in an over-crowded large pond. Check out these resources for more help:

3. Don’t Forget Email Marketing – If you’re a professional vacation rental manager and are not conducting email marketing, you’re throwing away bookings. Email is a great channel to stay in touch with your past guests and all those inquiries that haven’t converted yet. You can tell these travelers about all the fun things they can do when they visit, highlight amazing guest experiences, advertise your specials (everyone likes a deal!) and promote your properties. There are even free email marketing services out there (see Mail Chimp). And, if you’re using LiveRez it will take you just a matter of seconds to export information about your past guests and leads. Check out these resources for more help:

4. Don’t Ignore Your Website – Nowadays your website is the primary place travelers are going to go to learn about you. It’s also quickly becoming the place where they make reservations, as well. Because of these two factors, there is no excuse for ignoring your website. Your website just can’t be just okay, it has to be amazing. It has to look good. It has to be easy to use. Your property listings need to be well-written and have professional-level photography. Your entire website needs to be optimized for conversion. And, with the huge influx of mobile traffic in recent years, it has to be mobile friendly, too.  Check out these resources for more help:

5. Embrace Social Media and Blogging – Social Media is here to stay. Your guests now expect you to have a presence on social media. And, search engines are slowly using social media signals to adjust search engine results. But, you can’t simply have a Facebook page or Twitter account or a blog, you need to embrace the medium and be active. An inactive social media channel or inactive blog is almost as bad as nothing at all. Check out these resources for more help:

6. Diversify Your Paid Advertising – If you’re putting all your paid marketing dollars in listings sites, you’re setting yourself up to fail (or least become dependent on the medium).  Just like your investment portfolio, when it comes to paid marketing diversity is good. You never want to be dependent on a single channel for the majority of your bookings. Instead of putting all of eggs in one basket, try utilizing paid search listings (Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing) or Google Adsense Remarketing. Check out these resources for more help:

7. Be Patient – Rome was not built in a day. Neither will your brand awareness, your search engine rankings, your mailing lists, your website traffic, etc. Trees don’t grow overnight either, but that has never kept people from planting seeds. That’s how you need to look at your marketing efforts. Make sure you are always planting seeds, tending the soil and watering your plants.  And, if you do it right, you’ll be harvesting the fruits of efforts for years to come.

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