Vacation Rental Websites: Creating Property Pages that Convert

The property pages on your websites are one of the most crucial steps in your conversion process. They can either wow your potential guests or send them off to browse your competitor’s inventory.

LiveRez puts particular importance on these pages, and gives you the ability to present your properties in the best light, answer travelers’ questions before they are asked, and drive additional bookings and revenue to your bottom line.

Below, we’ll examine some on the key elements of LiveRez property listings, what makes them so different and how they stand out from the competition. Along the way, we’ll include images to show you examples (just click on the image to a see a full resolution version).


Unlike most of our competitors, LiveRez allows you to display your images up to 800 pixels wide. As we noted in a past post, increasing the size of product images can help you increase your bookings.

But, the size isn’t the only important thing here; the use of space is efficient, too.  The layout of the photos on the page maximizes the real estate on the page and doesn’t waste space. Pictures run right to edge.

Furthermore, the gallery tabs and pop-out lightbox slideshow options enhance the viewing experience.



LiveRez lets you easily embed videos on your property pages, so you can tell the story of your property through this engaging medium. Check out the example below:



LiveRez makes embedding Google Maps simple. Just enter the longitude and latitude of your property in the back office, and LiveRez does the rest.


HTML Customization

While LiveRez has a solid WYSIWTG editor for people who are not as technically versed as others, the software also offers the ability to add your own HTML to the property listings to unlock additional display possibilities. In the example below, we use a simple html table and some icons to enhance the amenities section.



One of the cool things that LiveRez offers is different options for displaying the price on your property page.  Up front you can optionally include the total price, average nightly rate and any discounts from specials. You can also include rate calendars below in a different section.


Tabbed Layout

With LiveRez, you can use a traditional long-form property layout or use a tabbed layout to organize your content and keep more of it above the fold.



LiveRez’s guest review and survey system is integrated in with your property listings, allowing you the option of showing reviews on both the property and the management company right on your property page. Statistics show that reviews and ratings from past guests increase buyer confidence and lead to more bookings, especially when they are shown to travelers during the shopping process itself.



Calls to Action

Calls to action are one of the most important elements in any marketing environment, absolutely crucial for web conversion and an extremely important factor in getting more bookings. LiveRez sprinkles bold calls to action throughout your property listing, making it easy for the traveler to take the final step in the booking process.

Call to Action

Check out our Additional Resources

These are just a few of the ways that LiveRez’s property listings can get your more bookings. For a more in-depth look at what makes a property listing perform, check out the free recording of our recent webinar “10 Ingredients for Property Listings that Generate Bookings” at our downloads page.  This 30-minute video is packed with ideas for improving your property listings.

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LiveRez is the fastest growing vacation rental software provider for professional vacation rental managers. The company’s cloud-based, end-to-end platform offers fully integrated solutions for reservation management, trust accounting and online marketing, with high-ranking, high-conversion dynamic websites and an extensive affiliate marketing program. The company is a proud Gold Sponsor of the Vacation Rental Manager’s Association (VRMA).

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