LiveRez Announces Partnership with Full Circle Exchange to Raise $98,000 to Help Women across the US and Worldwide


Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’re excited to announce the start of a long-term partnership with Full Circle Exchange, a non-profit social enterprise located in Boise, Idaho, dedicated to empowering women locally and globally to rise above poverty through job training, education, and sustainable economic opportunities.

Full Circle Exchange has made a tremendous impact on thousands of women, helping them break out of the cycle of poverty and doing so in a way that is both sustainable and dignified. The program is not simply about helping women, it’s about empowering them in ways that change their futures and build our communities.

Together, with the help of our worldwide network of professional vacation rental manager partners, we hope to raise $98,000 to support the amazing work they are doing both here in the U.S. and around the world. Even better, every dollar we raise between now and December 31 will be matched 100 percent, doubling our impact.

How You Can Help

As a LiveRez partner or friend of LiveRez, there are two primary ways you can help.

  1. Give a Donation – You can give a one-time donation or make an ongoing financial commitment to Full Circle Exchange.
  2. Start Your Own Fundraising Team – You all have networks of owners, guests, personal friends and family that may be looking for ways to give back. This is the perfect opportunity for you to share the word about Full Circle Exchange and give them the opportunity to join the cause.

To get started, go to

Together, we can make a big impact this holiday season!

Learn More About Full Circle Exchange

To learn more about the work Full Circle Exchange is doing, visit their website at

Another great way to learn about their efforts is the check out the video below. We were blessed to have Full Circle Exchange CEO Mark Priddy speak at the 2015 LiveRez Partner Conference this past October in Sun Valley. His presentation is just amazing, and it’s already inspired to a number of partners at the conference to get involved.

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