2017 Honey Badger + Pay it Forward Award Winners!

We don’t mean to brag, but our partners are some of the absolute best people out there. Truly! There is so much good going on throughout our partner network. That’s why we take some time each year to honor some of our incredible partners who have really gone above and beyond. This year, we’re handing out two partner awards: Honey Badger and Pay it Forward. And, the winners for the 2017 partner awards are (dramatic drumroll, please)…

Honey Badger: Shelley Henslee

Shelley Henslee
Big Sky Vacation Rentals

LiveRez annually presents the Honey Badger award to a partner who steps up as a strong and fearless part of the LiveRez community and truly believes that other LiveRez partners are their partners, too. This year LiveRez is excited to give this award to Shelley Henslee of Big Sky Vacation Rentals!

After teaching a much-loved class at the 2016 Partner Conference, Shelley reprised her instructor role at conference again this past year. As Revenue Manager at Big Sky Vacation Rentals, she knows a thing or two about keeping track of your money, and she is always willing to share her most successful sales revenue increase secrets.

Shelley plays an active role in the online LiveRez Community, adding her unique insight on a regular basis, and she’s also an integral part of the latest LiveRez Advisory Board. We so appreciate her dedicating so much time to help make the LiveRez network even stronger.

Shelley is a tremendous addition to the LiveRez family and truly embraces our mission of partnership. Congrats on winning the LiveRez 2017 Honey Badger Award!


Pay it Forward: Brian Olson

Brian Olson
Beachcomber Vacation Homes

Paying it forward, or repaying a good deed, is a way of life at LiveRez. Each year, we award a partner that exemplifies the essence of paying it forward. Someone who stands above and goes out of their way to do good deeds for others. This year, LiveRez is proud to award Brian Olson of Beachcomber Vacation Homes the 2017 Pay it Forward award!

Following the tragic hurricane season, Brian was one of the first partners to reach out to LiveRez to see how he could help. He was instrumental in starting LiveRelief and has been an active member of the committee since it began.

When the silent auction fundraiser was announced, Brian quickly went to as many local businesses as he could to gather donations. From brewery tours to wine tastings; flower bouquets to fine dining experiences, Brian put together one of the most sought-after and valuable vacation packages in the auction. Brian was even featured in his local newspaper for his effort, which helped raise awareness for the auction outside the LiveRez family.

Brian is a fantastic example of doing things for others with a giving heart. Thank you, Brian, and congrats on winning the LiveRez 2017 Paying it Forward Award!

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