LiveRez CEO Honored as a Finalist for Innovator of the Year for Second Straight Year


For the second straight year, LiveRez founder and CEO Tracy Lotz was selected as a finalist for “Innovator of the Year” as part of the 2017 Idaho Innovation Awards presented by Stoel Rives, Trailhead and the Idaho Technology Council.

Lotz was again honored for his many innovations in the vacation rental space and his role in helping bring many aspects of the vacation rental management businesses online, from advertising to bookings to management software.

On Tuesday night, he shared the spotlight with two other finalists: Idaho Information Consortium President Jeff Walker and the eventual winner TSheets CEO Matt Rissell – whose time-tracking software company just cut the ribbon on their brand new headquarters located just across town from LiveRez in Eagle, ID.

This is Rissell’s third straight year being honored as a finalist. Last year Rissell and Lotz were edged out by Because International Founder Kenton Lee, the maker of The Shoe That Grows.

Here are a few photos from the event.

LiveRez Launches Technology That Enables Vacation Rental Managers to Get Bookings on More Than 1,000 Websites

Conference announcements also include expanded channel manager, mobile work order app, new technology partnerships and much more

Eagle,, the most widely used cloud-based software for professional vacation rental managers, released multiple pieces of new technology last week at its annual user conference.

New products included a next-generation mobile work order app and a channel management system powered by NextPax that allows companies using LiveRez to seamlessly integrate with more than 300 major booking portals worldwide.

Chief among the announcements, however, was a new technology called the LiveStay Network (LSN) that empowers LiveRez users (called partners) to work together on a massive scale by listing each other’s inventory, referring bookings and earning commissions.

With the announcement of a channel manager and its LSN technology, LiveRez will give its partners the ability to potentially list and get bookings through well over 1,000 different websites.

“To this point, we’ve kept our heads down and focused on building out our core management software, while educating our partners about building their own brands and protecting their data,” said Tracy Lotz, LiveRez founder and CEO. “But last year, we committed to build a channel manager. And, with this announcement, we’ve gone from the software with the fewest amount of integrated booking portals to the one with the most – and by a wide margin.”

Monday (92 of 140)

The LiveRez engineering team takes the stage after the company announces its new technology.

Since launching in 2008, LiveRez has evolved into the fastest-growing and single largest software in the industry. And Lotz is confident that the timing behind the launch of this new technology will not only help the network grow faster but also stronger.

“The size of our network and the efficiencies of all our partners using the same technology is what has made the LiveStay Network possible,” Lotz said. “While others in the industry could attempt to duplicate this technology, it’s the size and strength of our network that will really drive the success of this initiative.”

The LSN technology, while still in beta, has already generated promising results with only a small network of testers using it. Once expanded to a larger base, the company expects it to grow into a major source of bookings for its partners and a way for many of them to generate revenue year-round, even in their slow seasons.

The technology works by allowing professional managers, through a digital handshake, to agree to list one or more of each other’s properties. A shared guest review system that has ratings for both managers and individual properties allows partners to decide which managers and properties to work with.

When guests book, property-specific branding will indicate that they are booking with a partner company. The bookings will flow directly into the reservation system of the partner that manages the property, keeping them merchant of record. Both partners will have access to the guest information, as well as reports that indicate which bookings were generated through LSN, by which partners, and how much commission they have earned.

The concept of the LiveStay Network will translate into the company’s guest app, which currently allows travelers to download one app and use it to manage their stays with any partner in the network.

Down the road, Lotz said he envisions LiveStay growing into a recognizable affiliation standing for consistent standards of excellence.

“As a network, we have an opportunity to define what it means to offer exceptional guest experiences,” Lotz said. “We can set a consistent standard that travelers will recognize and that enhances each participant’s individual brand.”

About LiveRez

LiveRez is the world’s most widely used software platform for marketing and managing vacation rental homes online. The LiveRez solution offers professional property managers all the tools they need to run their business in a single, cloud-based platform. And, the company’s unique “pay-as-you-book” business model creates a mutually beneficial partnership between LiveRez and its vacation rental manager partners. This partnership fuels the company’s mission of continually developing and supporting cutting-edge solutions that empower independent property managers to compete in the rapidly evolving vacation rental space.

Stop Selling Amenities. Be A Dream Maker!

This post is written by David Angotti, Co-Founder of, the fastest growing niche listing site in the Great Smoky Mountains region. Angotti was recently a featured speaker and instructor at the 2017 LiveRez Partner Conference. In this post, he follows up on his outstanding Tuesday keynote address on the power of customer service.


Recently, I received an email that rocked my perception of the vacation rental industry. The email was unsolicited and randomly landed in my inbox without warning. In this beautiful email from Mary, I was privileged to get a rare glimpse of a highly personal memory.

The email included a cherished photograph, which she mentioned was her most treasured worldly possession. The photograph has no actual monetary value – it is simply a photo of a young family enjoying one of our town’s attractions.

The photo that Mary sent me is below:

Dream Maker Photo

It has been over forty years, but this is not a forgotten memory. This snapshot is much more than a photo – it is a portal to the happiest time of her life.

She was a young mother and new wife. Time has slipped away and she is now advanced in years. Her husband has passed away and her daughter is grown with children of her own. The memory is real, it is vivid.

She has this memory because of dream makers. Dream makers built an attraction, hosted her young family, and gave them an incredible time. She clings to this memory now.

This email exchange got me thinking – what am I doing to ensure dreams and memories are being made? It is easy to put heads in beds, but I must do more. I will be a dream maker. I will help as many people like Mary as possible.

When people vacation, they are escaping reality. The average person will work 30+ days at a job for every day of vacation they take each year. Why do people vacation? The dream of breaking out of the mold of the norm and experiencing the exceptional for a period of time.

Exceptional family time. Beautiful memories. Experiences that will stand out in their mind decades from now. Dream fulfilled. This is why people vacation.

I used to believe our industry provided exceptional lodging for travelers.  I was wrong. This is a lie. Our industry creates dreams. People aren’t renting homes from us – they are buying dreams.

Life passes quickly. Individually and collectively we have the ability to make the world a better place. Our companies assist in the creation of precious memories. As an industry, we have the ability to make dreams come true.

Don’t settle. Don’t just rent out properties. Be exceptional.

Don’t minimize your role. You are not a reservationist. You are not a marketer. You are not the property manager. Your job is to make dreams come true and create memories.

You are the dream maker!

David Angotti - SmokyMountains.comAbout the Author, David Angotti

Angotti is one of the top digital marketers in the vacation rental space. Before jumping into the vacation rental industry, David founded and exited an EdTech startup, consulted with Fortune 100 brands, wrote for Search Engine Journal and recently sold one of the fastest growing property management brands in the country. He is now laser focused on developing into the premier niche listing site in the county.


2017 Partner Conference: Day 3 Recap and Photos


If you had to pick one word to describe Tuesday at the 2017 LiveRez Partner Conference, you couldn’t find a better term.

In the morning session, David Angotti inspired attendees by showcasing the immense power of customer service.

In the afternoon session, the LiveRez family was inspired by a new piece of technology that will allow them all to work together on a massive scale.

In LiveRez CEO Tracy Lotz’s afternoon keynote, he inspired us with his personal story and his journey to build LiveRez into what it is today.

In the evening, we were inspired by the winners of our first-ever Rezy Awards, which honors those members of our partners’ teams that truly go above and beyond to make a lasting impact on everyone they meet.

Later that evening, John Ondrasik (better known as the one-man band “Five for Fighting) inspired us with his musical story of the American Dream.

Between the many standing ovations and a group rendition of “I Won’t Back Down” by the late great Tom Petty, we learned that LiveRez family is as strong as it’s ever been and will continue to grow stronger as we work together to define the future of the vacation rental industry.

Here are a few photos from the day:

2017 Partner Conference: Day Two Recap and Photos

We are blown away by the incredible energy of our partners on day two of the 2017 Partner Conference! This was our first full day of keynotes, breakout sessions, new technology reveals and a BBQ that unlike anything we’ve ever been to.

In the morning kickoff session, we got off on the right foot with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance (both of which have become staples of the conference kickoff).

Next, we were touched by the story of the LiveRez family’s effort to help partners that suffered catastrophic damage during the recent hurricanes.

In the afternoon general sessions on Monday, we saw some big technology announcements, headlined by a new mobile work order app and a channel manager integration that will give partners access to list on 300+ channels. And, LiveRez teased an even bigger announcement planned for Tuesday afternoon (more on that to come).

In the evening, the LiveRez family got together for a western themed BBQ that included amazing food, pig races, old west games, and even trick roper Loop Rawlins, who was  featured on America’s Got Talent.

Here are a few photos from Day 2.

2017 Partner Conference: Day 1 Recap and Photo Gallery


The 2017 LiveRez Partner Conference has officially started! Last night we kicked things off with an epic welcome party that featured food trucks, live music and even a beer-vending donkey (a.k.a the beer burro).

But, the best part of the night was having the LiveRez family all together again.

Here are a few pictures from our day-one kick off party.


LiveRez Organizes Hurricane Relief Efforts for its Partners

Called LiveRelief, the effort is expected to raise more than $100,000 for property managers that have lost virtually everything

IMG_1632Eagle,, the most widely used cloud-based software for professional vacation rental managers, is leveraging its broad network of property manager partners to provide relief to those hit hardest by the recent hurricanes.

The effort, called LiveRelief, is mobilizing hundreds of LiveRez’s customers (called partners) to come to the aid of fellow property management companies that have been hit the hardest by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen our customer base organize into a tight-knit community,” said Tracy Lotz, founder and CEO of LiveRez. “When the hurricanes hit, we had multiple partners reach out to us and ask us how they could help. So, our team organized this effort that allows property managers to help other property managers in their time of greatest need.”

Many of LiveRez’s partners operate in vacation destinations along the coastline. When the hurricanes hit, more than 100 LiveRez Partners were affected and more than 30 lost nearly everything.

Most of the hardest hit companies are small businesses that not only lost their offices and personal homes, but also lost the bulk of the homes that they rent out on behalf of second-home owners. While insurance will cover the rebuilding of these homes, the loss of inventory leaves these managers with no way to generate income to pay their bills or their employees, many of whom have been displaced.

LiveRelief takes a multi-faceted approach in helping these managers:

  • Fundraising – With LiveRez’s annual conference less than a week away, the company has set up a silent auction where partners can donate items (such as stays in their homes). LiveRez has also partnered with Boise-based nonprofit solutions provider MaxGiving to create a gateway where people can donate directly to relief efforts.
  • Boots on the Ground – LiveRez’s team is organizing volunteer efforts to help with the cleanup, and has already sent multiple employees to both Texas and the Florida Keys.
  • Temporary Employment – Many of the employees of affected companies could be without jobs during the rebuilding process, but their proficiency with the LiveRez software makes them valuable candidates for other companies using LiveRez. Because the software is cloud-based, it allows these employees to work remotely without having to completely relocate for a temporary position.
  • Referral Network – LiveRez is giving select partners early access to an innovative piece of technology that it will officially announce at its annual conference. This new functionality allows partners to list each other’s inventory to drive bookings for each other and earn commissions on the referrals. Essentially, this technology will enable affected managers to leverage their own brand recognition in driving bookings for other partners, and, in the process, generate revenue while their inventory is being rebuilt.

“To date, the response from partners has been overwhelming,” Lotz said. “The LiveRez family has responded in a big way. And, based on the donations we already have, we expect to raise more than $100,000 that will go directly to helping our affected partners not only weather the storm but come out stronger.”

The LiveRelief silent auction will be online and open to the public. Item donations are still coming in, but many partners have already donated stays in homes from all across the United States and abroad. To view the auction items and bid, please go to

About LiveRez

LiveRez is the world’s most widely used software platform for marketing and managing vacation rental homes online. The LiveRez solution offers professional property managers all the tools they need to run their business in a single, cloud-based platform. And, the company’s unique “pay-as-you-book” business model creates a mutually beneficial partnership between LiveRez and its vacation rental manager partners. This partnership fuels the company’s mission of continually developing and supporting cutting-edge solutions that empower independent property managers to compete in the rapidly evolving vacation rental space. To learn more about LiveRez, visit