10 Ways LiveRez Makes a Vacation Rental Manager’s Job Easier

its-easyOne of the biggest benefits of using LiveRez is how it makes your job easier. The system is set up to be user friendly and favors automation over busy work. It’s that way because our development has been fueled almost exclusively by the suggestions of our property manager partners.  So, if you’re looking to make your job a lot easier while generating more income, you should check out the list below.

1. Sending Emails – LiveRez can automatically send guests personalized emails relating to their reservations without you having to lift a finger or remember to do anything. Email go out automatically, according to the triggers you set up in your system. And, the content is customized to guests based on the information in their reservation. You can even use this system to communicate with owners and vendors.

2. Replying to Inquiries – LiveRez can automatically reply to inquiries from advertising sites with availability, quotes and links to book online. And, if the property isn’t available, it can show up to three similar available properties that are ready to be booked right away.

3. Sending Quotes – LiveRez can easily email online bookable quotes to guests for multiple properties. All your reservationists need to do is search for dates, click a check box next to the available properties the guest is interested in, enter the guest’s contact information and hit send. The system will even automatically create a lead for that guest so you never have to worry about losing their information.

4. Scheduling Work Orders and Reminders – LiveRez can automatically create and schedule work orders upon reservation. Simply check what work orders you’d like to schedule automatically upon reservation, and make sure your properties have assigned vendors. The system will then automatically create work orders upon reservation and email employees/vendors reminders with links to the forms. You can also give employees/vendors access to the work order system, where they can quickly find any work orders assigned to them.

5. Updating Your Website – Need to make a change to your website? Change the content? Add a picture? Create a new property listing? No problem. With LiveRez, you can do all that in real time through our content management system within our back office. No longer will need to wait for a third party vendor to make a change to your website, just to get a bill in the mail a few days later. With LiveRez, you’re in control of your website.

6. Accessing Information – Need to know who is arriving today? How much revenue you did last month? What your occupancy levels are looking like two months out? No problem. LiveRez is chalked full of reports that make accessing crucial information about your business just a few clicks away.

7. Owners Portal – What if your owners could simply log in through your website to make their own bookings, view their owners statements, check out their property calendars and view key reports about their homes? Well, with LiveRez your owners can do all that and more. The LiveRez owners portals are a great tool for keeping your owners happy and informed, and an even better sales tool in convincing new owners to join your rental program.

8. QuickBooks Integration – Many managers prefer to use QuickBooks for their vacation rental accounting. But, the problem is that in order to do that they have to transfer all of the data from their software program into QuickBooks. The problem is made worse when most vacation rental software programs out there provide little to no help in the process. LiveRez, on the other hand, has a real-time integration with QuickBooks to simplify the process and save managers tons of time.

9. All-In-One Platform – LiveRez is an all-in-one platform, meaning you get all of your technology in one place, instead of having to deal with multiple vendors to accomplish your needs. And because our websites and our property management system are all one piece of software, they work together seamlessly. No need to update information in multiple places. No compatibility issues. No finger pointing among vendors when something goes wrong. With LiveRez, you have one technology provider to handle all of your needs.

10. Training and Support – At LiveRez, we want our partners using our software to its full extent. That’s why we offer excellent live support and a whole host of online training and support resources. Additionally, we understand that switching to a new software can be a huge investment of your company’s time and money. So, we assign each new LiveRez partner a dedicated implementation manager to guide them through the transition process.

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LiveRez is the fastest growing vacation rental software provider for professional vacation rental managers. The company’s cloud-based, end-to-end platform offers fully integrated solutions for reservation management, trust accounting and online marketing, with high-ranking, high-conversion dynamic websites and an extensive affiliate marketing program. The company is a proud Gold Sponsor of the Vacation Rental Manager’s Association (VRMA).

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