How often should you post to your Social Media Channels?

oversharing social media

Are you guilty of over sharing on your brand’s social media channels? Or do you actually need to post more? It all depends on your results.

It’s one of the biggest questions vacation rental managers have about social media. “How often do I post?”

The disappointing answer to that question is that it depends. It depends on:

  • The social media channel
  • The content of your post
  • The time of day

Let’s discuss each one of these points.

Social Media Chanel – In general, posting to Facebook once a day is recommended. Break this rule if you don’t have anything interesting to post or if it’s a busy news day for you and you have two or more exciting items to share. The same rule follows for Google+, which is probably the most similar network to Facebook. For Twitter, you can post multiple times a day. In fact, if you want to get noticed, posting multiple times a day isn’t a bad strategy. You can automate this process by using free social media management tools like Hootsuite.

Content of Your Post – Try to avoid posting too many sales related items a day. Remember, people don’t come to your social media channels to be sold to; they come to learn about your company.  Be respectful of your fans’ social media feeds. Don’t hog it with content that only benefits you.  On the flip side, if you’re on the ground at an event and have some great exclusive content to share in real time, you may want to post more often that day.

What content performs best on social media? Check out our recent blog on the perfect Facebook post for more information.

The Time of Day – If you’re only posting once a day to Facebook, you want to make that one post as good as possible.  So, it’s a good practice to test which times during the day you get the most engagement with your posts. Facebook’s new “Insights” tool can be especially handy, too, because it now has a section that shows when most of your followers are logged into Facebook.

Final Thoughts

There are so many factors involved in how often you should post. So, really it comes down to your goals. If you start losing followers or your posts start getting less engagement, you’re probably doing something wrong. Always monitor the performance of your social media channels and keep testing what works best. Remember: There are no hard and fast rules, just what works best for you and your business.

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